Consultation was undertaken on the Bundaberg SDA between May and August 2016, including a period of formal public consultation.

During the formal public consultation period, 35 submissions were received by the Coordinator-General, from a range of stakeholders including:

  • landholders within the proposed Bundaberg SDA
  • environment and community groups
  • business and industry groups
  • government agencies and infrastructure providers
  • community members.

The feedback received covered a range of issues, including:

  • the suitability and need for an SDA at Bundaberg
  • potential impacts on individual properties and land uses within the proposed SDA boundary
  • potential impacts on environmental and community values within and outside of the proposed SDA boundary
  • suggested changes to the proposed SDA boundary.

All submissions received during the consultation period were considered as part of the declaration process and will be used to inform the preparation of a draft development scheme.

Responses to common questions

Responses to common questions raised during the consultation period are provided below.

Suitability and need for an SDA at Bundaberg

Why declare an SDA at Bundaberg?

An SDA can increase the economic development opportunities of the area and provide long term economic benefits to the region. SDAs have many benefits and they allow best practice land use planning and development assessment, as well as greater certainty for investors and proponents. SDAs can also assist in concentrating industrial development in well serviced areas and assist in minimising impacts on communities and the environment.

What development is expected to occur within the Bundaberg SDA?

Whilst future development in the SDA will be driven by market demand, the SDA is expected to accommodate regionally significant industry and infrastructure development, as well as port-related uses.

The next step in the SDA process is the preparation of a development scheme, which will outline development precincts and preferred uses within these precincts. The preparation of a development scheme will be subject to additional consultation with the community and stakeholders.

Potential impacts on individual properties and land uses

Potential impacts on environmental and community values

The boundary of the Bundaberg SDA

Development scheme