The following are answers to frequently asked questions about the compulsory land acquisition process.

Disclaimer: These FAQs are for reference purposes only. They do not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Legal advice about your specific circumstances should always be sought before taking any action based on these FAQs.


Why is my land being resumed?

What land can be resumed?

How is land resumed?

I understand I can agree to the compulsory acquisition of my land - what does that entail?

What if I do not agree to the resumption?

Notice of Intention to Resume

How will I know my land has been identified for resumption?

The Notice of Intention to Resume refers to an 'easement' - what's that?

What's a 'critical infrastructure easement'?

Does the declaration of a state development area (SDA) automatically change the ownership of the land within the SDA?


Can I object to the resumption of my land?

On what grounds can I object?

How will my objection be dealt with?

Who pays the professional fees associated with my objection?

What if I do not want to object?

Resumption of land

What happens if the Coordinator-General decides to proceed with the acquisition?

When does the land ownership change?

Can the Coordinator-General enter my land before taking ownership of it?

What happens to my land title?

When will I be required to vacate the property?

Who pays my costs to re-establish?


What is 'compensation'?

Can I claim compensation?

When can I receive compensation?

How do I make a compensation claim?

Who pays the professional fees associated with the preparation and lodgement of my claim?

How is compensation assessed?

What is 'injurious affection'?

Can I claim compensation for emotional distress?

What evidence is required in support of my compensation claim?

Can I get an advance payment against compensation?

What if I have a mortgage?

What if I don't accept the Coordinator-General's compensation offer?

What happens if agreement cannot be reached over the amount of compensation payable?

Who pays costs if I challenge the amount of compensation in the Land Court of Queensland?

Is compensation for an easement assessed differently to that for land?

Will I be paid interest from the time my land is resumed to the time I get paid compensation?

What about GST?

Who pays any taxes, rates and charges outstanding at the date the land is resumed?

What happens if the land resumption process is discontinued or lapses?


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