The newly published Economic Development Queensland Development Assessment Fees and Charges Schedule (PDF icon 493 KB) will apply to Priority Development Area (PDA) development application applications lodged from 1 July 2017.

The schedule sets out the fees and charges payable to EDQ for:

  • assessing a PDA development application for any of the following:
    • material change of use
    • reconfiguring a lot
    • operational work
    • building work
  • compliance assessment against a PDA development condition
  • sealing of a plan of subdivision
  • changing or withdrawing of a PDA development application
  • changing or cancelling a PDA development approval
  • extension of the currency period for a PDA development approval
  • seeking to temporarily or permanently close a road
  • considering a permit application for interfering with vegetation under a bylaw.

Part A of the schedule sets out the fees that are imposed to recover, in part, costs incurred by EDQ for processing and considering the application.

Part B of the schedule sets out the fees payable to EDQ to recover the costs of making and amending the relevant PDA development scheme.

The applicable assessment fee for a particular application is to be confirmed by an EDQ Development Assessment officer prior to payment.

Fees when a PDA is delegated to local government

Where responsibility for processing and considering a PDA development application has been delegated to a local government, the local government is responsible for setting the applicable fees (except for the Ripley Valley PDA where the EDQ Development Assessment Fees and Charges Schedule applies). For information about the applicable fee, contact the relevant local government for the PDA.