The Weinam Creek Priority Development Area (PDA) was declared at the request of Redland City Council (RCC) on 21 June 2013. Planning of the Weinam Creek PDA will be managed by the Minister for Economic Development Queensland (MEDQ) in partnership with RCC.

Development of the PDA provides an opportunity to support economic development and will seek to reinforce Weinam Creek as a community focus and a regional gateway to the Southern Moreton Bay Islands including Macleay, Lamb, Karragarra and Russell islands. Development will include opportunities for mixed use and medium density residential development.

The Weinam Creek PDA is located in Redland Bay and incorporates the Weinam Creek Marina located at the intersection of Banana Street and Meissner Street. The total area of the PDA is approximately 42 hectares, including 36 hectares over land and nearly 6 hectares over water.

Note: In February 2013, the Urban Land Development Act 2007 (ULDA Act) was repealed and replaced with the Economic Development Act 2012 (ED Act). From then on, land areas identified for priority development were referred to as Priority Development Areas (PDAs), not Urban Development Areas (UDAs), and existing UDAs were transitioned to PDAs under the ED Act. Any reference to the term UDA on this website is taken to mean a transitioned UDA, which is now known as a PDA.

Weinam Creek

Adoption of the Weinam Creek PDA Development Scheme

On 29 May 2014 the Weinam Creek PDA Development Scheme was approved by the state government.

Public notification of the Weinam Creek PDA Development Scheme was undertaken under the Economic Development Act 2012 from the 10 January to 24 February 2014. During this period all interested stakeholders including the community, residents, and business operators were invited to view the proposed development scheme and make a written submission for consideration by the Minister for Economic Development Queensland (MEDQ).

All submissions received during public notification were considered by the MEDQ in consultation with RCC. A report has been prepared which summarises the submissions received and the merits of those submissions. In some cases amendments were made to the proposed scheme as a consequence of issues raised in submissions.

People who made a submission during the submission period will be notified that the development scheme has been approved and is now in effect.

The development scheme is the planning document that will assist in planning, carrying out, promoting, coordinating and controlling the development of land in the Weinam Creek PDA. The development scheme supersedes the interim land use plan which no longer has effect.

All development applications within the PDA will now be assessed against the development scheme.

Download the Weinam Creek PDA Development Scheme (PDF icon 5.1 MB)

Download the Weinam Creek PDA Submissions Report (PDF icon 373 KB)

Expressions of interest

The development of Weinam Creek will boost tourism and create new business opportunities and jobs while supporting existing businesses and providing the local community with better services and facilities.

RCC and this department are working in partnership to facilitate appropriate development on the site. For an update on this process visit Redland City Council's website.

Planning for the PDA

Vision for the Weinam Creek PDA

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