In 2015–16, the Queensland Government established the State Infrastructure Fund (SIF) to boost infrastructure investment, increase business confidence and to fund government priorities.

The now $2.2 billion SIF focuses on infrastructure that will enhance productivity and support jobs as well as projects that are ready to be brought to market quickly, so that we continue to underpin productivity and jobs growth in Queensland.

Some of the core allocations, which have been separately supplemented through the 2017–18 State Budget include:

  • $800 million towards the delivery of Cross River Rail and a further $50 million to establish the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority. Through the 2017–18 State Budget, the government committed to fully funding the project – Read more about Cross River Rail.

  • $300 million for the Priority Economic Works and Productivity Program (PEWPP).Funding has been allocated to the Department of Transport and Main Roads and Queensland Rail to deliver seven high priority transport projects.

  • $180 million for the Significant Regional Infrastructure Projects Program (SRIPP). The SRIPP is delivering 25 social and economic infrastructure projects and programs that respond to a community need or provide increased economic opportunities in key regional centres across Queensland.

  • $20 million for the Maturing the Infrastructure Pipeline Program (MIPP) The MIPP supports the development of a robust project pipeline by enabling projects to be matured from conceptually good ideas into solid proposals. A $10 million top-up was provided through the 2017–18 State Budget taking total government funding to $30 million.

    The MIPP currently encompasses two phases; the first phase (MIPP 1) covered two activities that began in 2016 and second phase activities which are collectively known as MIPP 2.

    • MIPP 1
      • Rapid assessment of proposals raised through consultation and future opportunities from the State Infrastructure Plan - completed.
      • Early stage assessment of new infrastructure proposals submitted by local governments – currently underway.
    • MIPP 2
      • strategic planning for infrastructure – funding studies and investigations that will assist local governments to form a strategic view of their key infrastructure priorities and needs; and
      • business cases and/or detailed designs for the development of local government infrastructure proposals to provide better clarity on investment decisions.

    MIPP 2 is a new competitive grant program open to all local governments. Local Governments are invited to submit their applications via the submission form below from Monday 12 March 2018 until 12pm (midday) Monday 9 April 2018. Further information can be found in the following documents: