The State Infrastructure Plan (SIP) outlines the Queensland Government’s strategic direction for the planning, investment and delivery of infrastructure in Queensland. It provides a framework for planning and prioritising infrastructure investment and delivery, that supports growth, economic development and employment.

The SIP represents a bold approach to addressing the state’s future infrastructure needs, focused on using our resources wisely, partnering with the private sector, and implementing a program of reform initiatives. This ensures the right infrastructure is delivered in the right place at the right time.

The SIP identifies what the government ultimately wants from its infrastructure and how this can best be achieved. Importantly, it is designed to provide confidence and certainty to industry, local government and the community by confirming the government’s investment program over the next four years.

The SIP is in two parts

The SIP, released in March 2016 after targeted statewide consultation, is in two parts – with the Part A: Strategy – updated every five years and Part B: Program – updated annually.

Part A: Strategy (PDF icon 1.9 MB) – Sets a clear vision to guide infrastructure investment in Queensland. The strategy provides a cohesive model for infrastructure planning and delivery which integrates with land-use and economic planning. It is designed to guide infrastructure planning within Queensland Government agencies and policy responses to broader infrastructure challenges.

Part B: Program - 2018 update (PDF icon 8.4 MB) – A four year program of infrastructure investment that is aligned with the 2018–19 State Budget. The update is a critical tool to align and integrate national, state, regional and local infrastructure planning and provides industry and all levels of government the confidence to invest in Queensland.

The 2018 Part B update highlights:

  • The State infrastructure pipeline which highlights initiatives being planned and delivered by the Queensland Government.
  • An update on Cross River Rail, the Queensland Governments signature infrastructure project.
  • A feature on renewable energy, and our progress toward meeting the 50 per cent target by 2030.
  • The introduction of a key initiatives summary for each infrastructure class.
  • An update of the Maturing the Infrastructure Pipeline Projects from phase one and an overview of the recently commenced phase two.
  • A forward pipeline view of emerging infrastructure investment strategies across all of the infrastructure classes.

The State Infrastructure Pipeline illustrates how proposals mature from a concept to a funded government project. As projects are prioritised and move through the pipeline this can be a catalyst for private sector investment.

The SIP recognises the significant role that the private sector can play in developing proposals. It also acknowledges the contribution from the state’s Coordinator-General and Economic Development Queensland to facilitate opportunities to grow the pipeline of infrastructure projects.

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