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Global Tourism Hubs (GTH) are a strategy for Queensland that delivers world class tourism infrastructure. GTHs deliver catalyst projects (including Integrated Resorts) that support city building objectives and other complementary projects, while optimising the broader community gains – regional jobs, investment and associated flow-on developments.

Criteria for future Global Tourism Hubs?

Any new regional Global Tourism Hub proposal must:

  • include significant capital investment to create a development that attracts international tourists, where construction commences within 18 months of contractual close
  • be located within close proximity to a major population centre with a catchment of at least 150,000 people within a 70 kilometre radius of the regional centre
  • be near an operational international airport or an airport that is capable of being upgraded to international standards
  • have well-established transport networks and significant existing tourism infrastructure with identified growth potential
  • include significant capital investment and have to commence construction within 18 months of contractual close.

Further information

For further information on Global Tourism Hubs please contact us.