Policy and general

What is the Government’s policy about new casinos in Queensland?

Why is a new casino license being made available?

What is a Global Tourism Hub and how is this any different from the previous Government’s Integrated Resort Development (IRD) program?

How do you expect investors to have any confidence in your process after you cancelled the ASF proposal and Aquis pulled out of Cairns?

Does this mean more poker machines in Queensland?

Why do we need more casinos?

Is this just a way for the Government to get the incumbent to reinvest or expand?

What about locals and pubs and clubs?

Is this an asset sale?

Tropical North GTH (Cairns)

What are the objectives of the Tropical North GTH?

Where is the proposed site in Cairns for the Tropical North GTH?

Who is Ports North and what is the Cityport project?

Will the Tropical North GTH impact existing port operations?

Why have you identified a preferred site in Cairns?

Can alternate sites, other than the proposed Ports North land, be proposed for the Tropical North GTH?

Is this project linked to the Aquis proposal at Yorkeys Knob?

Does this process mean a second casino for Cairns?

Gold Coast and other locations

What is happening with the Gold Coast?

What about the rest of Queensland – Great Keppel Island and the Sunshine Coast?

What about Townville?

What about ASF?

Market process

What is the Registration of Interest process and when will it commence?

What is the Expression of Interest process and when will it commence?

Community consultation and local content for the Cairns region

How will the government engage with the community over the Tropical North GTH site?

What is the next step after the community engagement program ends?

What opportunities are there for local industry/suppliers to participate in the proposed Tropical North GTH project?