Fast facts

The best-practice regional stadium will include state-of-the-art corporate facilities, permanent stands, permanent concessions and modern amenities throughout.

Overall planning of the site will also make allowance for the potential integration of an entertainment centre at a future date.

Proximity to CBD
to CBD
Proximity to CBD
Proximity to CBD
Proximity to CBD
Proximity to CBD
<1km 25,000 seating with potential to expand to 30,000 capacity in the future 80% Well serviced by CBD public transport routes
  • State-of-the-art corporate facilities including a Field Club
  • Permanent stands including premium seating
  • Permanent food and drink concessions and amenities throughout

Concept design stage

The North Queensland Stadium concept design featured:

  • Responsive tropical architecture and engagement with the city
  • A roof design inspired by the native Pandanus tree
  • A roof that covers 80 percent of the seating and is deigned to resist cyclonic wind conditions
  • An open terrace at the northern end to allow views to the city and Magnetic Island
  • Generous arrival plazas and landscaped greens
  • Sports lighting incorporated into the stand roofing, eliminating the need for light towers
  • Stormwater run-off management to protect water quality of Ross Creek
  • Environmental sustainability initiatives
  • Incorporation of locally-sourced materials where possible
  • Options for future further development on the site.

Schematic design and design development stages

The Schematic Design for the North Queensland Stadium was completed in early August 2017 and the Design Development stage is now being progressed. It is anticipated the Design Development stage will continue until early 2018.

As the design progresses, elements of the Stadium will continue to be refined to meet the needs of anchor tenants while embracing innovation and flexible design opportunities that encourage the use of the facility for a variety of purposes.

Contact us

For further information on the proposed North Queensland Stadium please contact the Major Projects and Property Office or call 13 QGOV (13 74 68).